Knowledge & Time are Your Most Valuable Resources

Knowledge & Time are Your Most Valuable Resources

Knowledge & Time are Your Most Valuable ResourcesKnowledge & Time are Your Most Valuable ResourcesKnowledge & Time are Your Most Valuable Resources

Managing Your Money Through the Coronavirus / Covid-19


All our lives have been disrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic. Our #1 concern is your health followed by your finances. Star Points strategies to save money on what you spend, to unlock the currency of points and to protect yourself from cyber threats while working from home have never been more relevant.

By joining Star Points, you will learn how to use your points as a currency, save with your online purchases, earn maximum points or cashback, and how to be cyber safe while working from home.

15 Days to Slow the Spread

What Does Star Points Do for Me?

Knowledge & Time are Your Most Valuable Resources


Star  Points has aggregated the expert advisers, the knowledge and tools for  you to most efficiently save on what you already spend, to manage your  finances, to protect your assets and identity from cyber criminals. We  call it the Smart System® for:

  • Banking
  • Credit Cards
  • Cyber Safety & Security
  • Financial Wellness
  • Fractional Investing
  • Shopping
  • Travel

Star Points Smart System® guides you through a proprietary suite of services to promote the  habits that Minimize your Spending and Maximize your Benefits. Consider  us as your single-source resource, the tools you should use every day to  upgrade every aspect of your life to first class. 

Using our Smart System®, you will save more than $3,600.00 in after tax dollars year after year, the equivalent of a $5,000.00 raise.  

Maximize Your Benefits. Minimize Your Spend.

I am Owen Beiny,  creator of Star Points. For the last 20 years we’ve studied credit cards, bank accounts, & online rebate programs.  We’ve created the algorithm to pinpoint which  ones will work best for our members, and we don’t take a penny from these companies to influence our recommendations! 

Our Smart System® is exactly that, the smart way to use your credit and debit cards, the smart way to bank, the smart way to shop online, the smart way to secure your identity and surf the internet. 

About Us

Star Points Smart System®

Owen will show you how to use  Star Points Smart System® to spend less and earn greater rewards in the form of Points, Miles and Cashback. Our Women of Wall Street will guide you to Financial Wellness. Our Cyber Security Expert will help you protect your identity and surf more safely.

It isn't too good to be true. It is the Star Points Smart System®.


Your Money

Our members are saving more than $3,600 per year using our Smart Spend System®.  Star Points is the equivalent of  a $5,000.00 raise. With Star Points you bank smarter, shop smarter, sleep better, surf safer, and enjoy life more.

It is easy with the Star Points Smart System®. 

Star Points Smart Sharks

Women of Wall Street

Women of Wall Street

Women of Wall Street



SHOR Financial Wellness®  helps clients reduce financial stress and make better money decisions, through coaching, education and technology. Our wellness program is designed to promote your physical, mental and emotional health.

• Three out of four people live paycheck to paycheck.
• 82 percent of them aren’t confident about having enough money for a comfortable retirement.
• More than a third or workers carry revolving credit debt, with an average balance of $16,748.
• And more than a quarter don’t have any emergency savings.

You can rely in the professionalism and integrity of our Wall Street Women

Carol O’Rourke, CFP ®
Rhonda Sherwin, AFC ®

SHOR Financial Wellness®
NYC Certified Woman Owned Business (M/WBE)  

Efficiency Expert

Women of Wall Street

Women of Wall Street



I am Owen Beiny - a Brit living in LA. As a former CEO, I've spent 20 years traveling across the globe. As a single father to a beautiful girl, I know how to travel both with kids and in style - using points, air miles, upgrades and benefits.​

After years of helping friends and family with my experience and knowledge of using benefits efficiently, I have turned my hobby into a business, teaching people how to be efficient with their spend to gain the most benefits while spending the least. 

 I'll help you Minimize Your Spend and Maximize Your Rewards. Following Owen's advice, you will Spend LESS on what you buy now and Get MORE Points, Miles and CashBack using my Star Points Smart Spend System®. 


The Points Partner

Cyber Security

Women of Wall Street

Cyber Security


My name is Frank Mulcahy. I offer a unique suite of services that are all designed to benefit YOU, your Organization, Municipality, Corporation, Schools or Association. Often times we are able to help you reduce risk, reduce operating cost, increase efficiency & increase profits at no expense to your organization.   

 Since 2007 our "Worry Less & Live More" educational programs teach our students how to reduce risk, how to reduce the risk of identity theft, how to protect yourself from ransomware, phishing, and other cyber threats.   

 The Identity Theft Advisory Group provides ID Theft training solutions to business large and small. We help business owners and Exec.'s to implement compliance programs that may deter, detect, and prevent Identity theft loss. 52% of all Identity theft is originating in the workplace, so it is imperative that you initiate a proactive program we offer a suite of resources that are free to all qualified business entities.  

 Frank Mulcahy 

Curated Content: Selected or Created Specifically for you

curated: adjective cu·​rat·​ed | \ ˈkyu̇r-ˌā-təd, kyər-; kyu̇-ˈrā

Definition of curated: carefully chosen and thoughtfully organized or presented,

to pull together, sift through, and select for presentation, as music or website content.

“At  Star Points, we curate your content  with a sharp eye for trending  information specifically applicable to you based on your responses and our proprietary algorithm," Joe Davis, Star Points CEO explained.

Using  our proprietary algorithm, content is selected for each individual  based on their answers to the survey. This methodology delivers relevant  information to each of our members that can be refreshed on-demand by retaking the survey.


Smart System® - Where Financial Wellness Begins

A Sample of a Member's Annual Smart System® Savings

• Air Travel LA to NY Round Trip $660 Used Points, Cost $5.60 in Taxes, Smart System® Savings $654.00 

• Y Gallery Salon, New York City Partial Highlights, Haircut & Blow Out $375.00, Smart System® Savings $300.00

• Bank Cash Back Offer with $2,500.00 Deposit, Smart System® Savings $750.00 

• Coffee Shop $1.00 off Used Three Times a Week Smart System® Savings $150.00

• 10% Off Chipotle Up To $100.00 Smart System® Savings $96.00

• Online Shopping Cash Back,  Smart System® Savings $480.00

• No Fee Credit Card, Amazon Prime $70.00 Bonus and $322.00 in Cash Back, Smart System® Savings $392.00

• Bank Cash Back Offer with $25.00 Deposit, Smart System® Savings $200.00

• Bobby Van Steak Dinner for Four, Financial District, New York City, Smart System® Savings $172.00

• Macy’s Women’s Shoes, Charles David, $219.00 + $239.00 = $458, Smart System® Savings $355.25

• Four Night Hotel Stay in San Francisco $1,253.72, Used Points, Smart System® Savings $1,253.72


Start Using our Smart System® & Start Living Your Best Life

Click a few buttons, answer some questions, watch some videos and save more than $3,600.00 a year while increasing your Points, Miles and CashBack.

Our  Smart System®  Makes It Easy.